Would You Play Married With Children NES Game?

We believe that everyone in their youth played games, especially NES and SNES games. In the 90’s Super Nintendo was a total hit, and every kid wanted to play games on that gaming device.

What is really interesting that in Nintendo Power magazine was announcement for Married With Children video game for NES device.

nes games

Since the video game has unfortunately been canceled, there is very little information about it.

But what we know is this, the game should be a adventure where Al Bundy needs to collect money for Shoe Salesmen Convention in Hawaii.

al bundy NES game

In 1990 there were information that the game is coming soon for the Nintendo, but later for some unknown reason has been canceled.

Also we have some information from Game Players Magazine March 1990, where you can find information on pg 26. It says that soon we can expect Married… With Children for the Nintendo with price under $20.

Married With Children NES Game

It would be the the first Nintendo game intended only for adults. But we believe that everyone would play it naturally.

So tell us would you play Married With Children NES Game, and what do you think about that?

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