Why David Garrison left the series Married With Children

If you ever wondered why David Garrison aka Steve Rhoades left the show. Then we can tell you that in the season 4, episode 10 actor David Garrison left the “Married With Children” because he missed performing in live theater. In his last episode “At the Zoo”, we can see how he says: “Gotta sing, gotta dance, gotta fucking starve to death! And that was it from Steve Rhoades. However time from time we could saw him approximately once per season in completely different roles. Because that we would not have completely forgotten him, which certainly will not happen.

Steve rhoades vs jefferson darcy

In fact we are sad about that because he had a really good role in  Married With Children. The producers made a good choice when selecting actors for Steve and Marcy, they were really cool.

Steve and Marcy

Also on several occasions David Garrison said that he enjoyed his years playing as Steve Rhoades. It was difficult for him to make the decision to leave the show, but the theater is still the first love. It says also that it was a beautiful period for him, which will never forget. Another thing is also very interesting because of the existence possibility in which David would be Steve Rhoades for Married with Children spinoff called Radio Free Trumaine. But unfortunately the realization failed, so we have never seen it.

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