Who is Taylor Swift? Ed O’Neill has no idea!

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Whether they saw him as Al Bundy or Jay Pritchett, people know Ed O’Neill for sure. Even celebrities talk to the “Modern Family” – “Married with Children” star again and again, because they like him. But it is also often the case that he has no idea who is in front of him. During his visit to Ellen DeGeneres show, he revealed the story of how he met Taylor Swift, and he had absolutely no idea who was facing it.

When his colleague Sarah Hyland celebrated his birthday, he addressed at the party by: “this beautiful, young woman”. The two talked, and O’Neill knew he had a celebrity in front of him but could not say who it was. So he took a selfie of himself and the unknown lady to send to his daughter Sophia, who wanted to help him with the identification.

Be sure to look all photos below.

So Ed O’Neill could say goodbye to the singer at the end of the evening with the words “It was nice to meet you, Taylor”.


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