Who is Kelly Bundy? by Artificial Intelligence

Kelly Bundy has a passion for animal rights, science, environmentalism, and activism, and has written for Scientific American, Scientific American Science, Scientific American Travel, and Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy. He is a regular contributor to Nature, Salon, Grist, Science magazine, and several other publications.

Kelly has been a contributing editor for a variety of scientific journals — including the Environmental Review, Environmental Defense Fund, American Thinker, and National Review. Kelly is also the editor of “The Science of Climate Change: The Case Against Global Warming,” published by Yale University Press. His books include “The Ecology and Social Forces Behind Human Overpopulation,” “The Ecology and the Human Future,” and “On the Origin of Species.” He is also the author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and books on the subject of the Anthropocene, the age of Earth when we were forced to stop eating more and more of other living things.

How did you come to write for Scientific American?

After losing a family member to an accident and the ensuing bereavement, I came home to the news that the Environmental Protection Agency was ending its ban on mercury emissions from power plants. I was already worried about rising air and water pollution—especially from the construction of coal plants, one of the main sources of mercury emissions—and decided that a book that

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