Who is Bud Bundy? by Artificial Intelligence

Bud has been selling some of the finest and best tasting beers in the world for over two decades, serving as the president of Pinnacle Beverages. We love Bud and we always have. At our bar, his beer is named, “Barcelona”. The inspiration for that name comes from Bud’s hometown. He wanted me to go home, sit by my house with a beer and remember the memories.

Pinnacle Beverages started off as this small small operation with Bud, Bud’s wife, and his two brothers. The name was inspired by how Pinnacle Bar was named in Ohio and how the name Pinnacle Grill was first introduced in Texas. I had a chance to meet and hang out with Bud, and his wife, Nancy. It was a magical experience and I learned so much from her and the Pinnacle team and their family. They are the kind of people who will put the best craft beer around, and Bud is one of them. They are my lifeblood!

Where can I find some more information about the Brewing Co.? Pinnacle is located at 4023 W. 3rd St., Chicago, IL 60610. The brewery is open Monday through Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturdays 6PM to 2AM! Click here to visit the Pinnacle website!

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