Who is Al Bundy

Al Bundy is not a lucky guy, he works as Women’s shoe salesman at the Gary’s Shoes and Accessories store. So you can understand how work look like for him. However humiliation has no end because he is married to Peggy, and she is a very lazy. She does not cook, just watches TV and spends his money which he does not have a lot. Considering Al makes minimum-wage.

al bundy at work

But it’s not all that horrible, Al scored four touchdowns in a single game, and he was a football star running back on the Polk High School. But unfortunately a broken leg prevented him from attending college, and many other beautiful things.

al bundy football

Otherwise he is a simple, working-class man, who very often remembers his High School football days, which is not surprising to us because it was his favorite days. That he was not drunk, he probably would not marry Peggy, but wonders are happening. Now they have two kids Kelly and Bud. They all live in suburb of Chicago, and Al is very proud of a 1970s Dodge car, although in reality it is not a Dodge than it is 1972 Plymouth Duster. He often has a problems with the car, which is also one of the reasons he often pushes car home instead of driving it. Until today we still don’t know why writers constantly says that the car is a Dodge although is not. Do you know maybe why, if you do please let us know.

Let’s be honest Al hates his job but he has no other solution, and he has been fired several times during the show. Each time he returns to his old job as a boomerang. They laugh at him because he has a very small salary, and as little as he earns his wife Peggy spends everything except for food.

al bundy food

It is also certainly interesting situation where with such a poor financial situation Al Bundy never miss a mortgage payment. Obviously he does not want to sleep under the bridge. Now about his family we do not know too much only that his mother was not a good parent, and may have been an alcoholic. We prove this with the fact that in one episode Al remembers the moment when he said to his mother: “Yeah right, Mom, try saying that when you’re sober!” Which very likely proves mother was as alcoholic.

If you are a book lover, then you will remember that Al had an overdue library book for 30 years. Therefore he had a debt of $2,163.20 which was trying to avoid paying.  Normally because he did not have any money unfortunately because you all already know of Peggy. Throughout the whole series he is shown as a person who is unlucky. But it is also shown as a “do-it-yourself” person who repairs all house problems. But with his skills and knowledge usually produces physical injury.

It is also known that he does not care for hygiene, and because of that he smells bad. But he does not care about it. However he is also known for going to restrooms, many times we could see him with a newspaper tucked under his arm and going to restroom. Including the famous sound of a toilet flushing.

al bundy restroom

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