Who is Al Bundy wife?

If you do not know Al Bundy wife is Margaret “Peggy” Bundy which is a red-haired lazy women who is from Wanker County, and she is the mother of Kelly and Bud. As a daily nightmare in the tv show, she refuses to do any housework, where she regularly spends too much money on his credit card. But she was one of the hottest girls in high school, so Al chose it that way.

Peggy is basically unsatisfied that Al brings insufficiently money, accuses him regularly, but still expects more action from him in the bedroom. Anyway Peggy Bundy is played by Katey Sagal in the show “Married with Children”. As with the other main characters, Peggy had to be introduced in the first season, before certain special properties could emerge. At first in season 1 she smokes, but less later.

peggy bundy cooking

Peggy Bundy does not care about the house including any housework, and not about the kids. When Al comes home from work, she is still mostly on the couch. She watch mostly Oprah during the day, and eats chocolates and similar food. The fridge is always empty, stove and vacuum cleaner are completely foreign to her, the family waits in the evening in vain for some form of food.

peggy bundy funny

Peggy however is spending heavily although there is no money in the bank. If she does not get his credit card, she searches his belongings for his last pay. When she buys too much stuff, Al demands selling all the stuff at a garden flea market.

Neighbors Marcy and Steve, and later Marcy and Jefferson regularly come by spontaneously, with Marcy usually visiting only Peggy.

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