What Pamela Anderson is doing now?

From what we can see, this days Pamela Anderson is looking for a friend. But she has some conditions. For example he needs to be a vegan. We don’t why, but this is most important condition from her. Besides that she wrote other conditions for friendship, so if you are interested then you need to read it on Twitter where she tweet.

But this is not all, she is looking for friend who is brave and radical. So if you want to be her friend and you meet her requirements don’t wait too long.

It is also a very interesting fact that Pamela Anderson has been twice in TV series Married with Children. If you do not remember that then read this article.


At that time she was not sure what she would do with her career, and she was just starting on television. In the end, she was very successful because she had stable tv role in a very popular TV series Baywatch. She had a role as C.J. Parker, and she appeared in 111 episodes.

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