What is Married with Children

When you to an average American mention Bundy name, then there are huge chances that they will remember just one and only Women’s shoe salesman, Al Bundy. No wonder because Al Bundy is the legend. If you wonder why they just picked this name. Then we can say that the series creators have chosen the family name Bundy by Boxer King Kong Bundy.

King Kong Bundy

Anyway the event center of the “Married with Children” sure is a couch in the living room, a place where everything is happening. The place where Al wants to watch tv, but he can never get on the line because his wife Peggy constantly watch tv specifically Oprah. After sixteen years of marriage Bundys accepted the destiny that such a life would be for them.

Married With Children GIF

Al Bundy is surely one of the most popular TV icons of the 80s including 90s. The rest of the family is no less entertaining. Wife Peggy which is addicted to TV, and she is known for not cooking. Also there is a daughter Kelly which is not too smart, and of course there is son Bud aka Grandmaster b.


For those who want to learn more about the series, then we can tell you that the series began with broadcasting in 1987. It was accompanied by negative opinions of journalists, who characterized the series as a low comedy that was based on sexual references. But viewers loved the show, although they sometimes knew at the beginning of the episode how it would end. The show gained the high ratings because it was a totally untypical American humorous sitcom that did not talk about a happy family with children.

Another important fact which has helped a lot in the long duration of the TV show is the fact that family members are always willing to help each other. The Married with Children has become so popular in many countries, that they have done re-makes of this series, but none of them was nearly as successful as the original.

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