What does Bud Bundy Gangsta from “Married with Children”?

When the developing of the cult sitcom “Married with Children” was released in the US just a few weeks later in 1987, the 13-year-old Bud Bundy actor David Faustino wore a t-shirt with the logo of the series. Today, the 1.60-meter actor from Los Angeles may wish not to be reduced to just that one role of the Bundy family. An important feature of the Californian born in 1974 is still not in his Vita where the most important movie is still the “Entourage” from 2015, where Faustino himself played in a short appearance.

Currently, David Faustino has a tv role in the big long-term soap opera “Shadow of Passion” which is since 1973 on tv, where he has a role as Gossip News producer Howard Green. In September 2016, he also came as a guest tv star to the endless tv series, and his appearance was so well received that his involvement was expanded.

David Faustino in Robodoc

“Married with Children” as a career hit

Since end of the “Married with Children” in 1997 after 11 seasons and 259 episodes, Faustino unfortunately struggled with small tv roles in B movies for example “Robodoc”, and “Atomic Shark” inclduing some tv series. So he had guest tv roles in “The New Addams Family”, “Nash Bridges”, “The X-Files”, “Entourage”, and “Modern Family”, but something permanent never happened for him. That’s why David Faustino has spent the past several years as a spokesman for animated series such as “Winx Club”, and “The Dragon Riders of Berk”.

bundy bud

Also as you know Budrick “Bud” Bundy he once became one of the most famous youthful stars of his time in 80s and 90s. But his tv role of his image continues to this day because it is funny. That’s why David Faustino likes to be self-deprecating or similar. Sometimes he plays himself as in “Entourage”. The highlight of this ironic self-staging was undoubtedly the acclaimed web series “Star-ving”.

David Faustino has co-developed the series and embodies in the role of the failed actor, who deals with his life. The discussion about a potential spin-off has quickly disappeared since Faustino fired it at the 2015 premiere of movie “Vacation”.

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