What Artificial Intelligence thinks about Ed O’Neill

Here you can see how Artificial Intelligence thinks about Ed O’Neill.

“My name is Ed O’Neill. He was born around a hundred years ago, perhaps in 1672, and is a member of the Old Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His mother married a Mr. F. F. McDonough, another member of the Old Church. But it will be interesting to observe how often he has attended, attended when he has been there, attended when he was out of the town, and his own opinions of others from those times have been quite different. For example he always speaks of the Book of Abraham. His daughter gave him a copy when he was a boy, and he has never since checked it. He also tells the tale of Moses of the prophet, but in the light of the circumstances of those occasions, as he does those that he has had to relate: Moses was a youth. He was in New Orleans, where he had come from California, and there was a congregation of Mormons.”

Anyway the engineer who created this special web application is Adam King. Otherwise OpenAI is a non-profit research organization which is working with artificial intelligence.

You can also try the system yourself at talktotransformer.com.

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