Wanker County – a place where Peggy Bundy and other Wankers live

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If you don’t know Wanker County is located in Wisconsin, north of Illinois. It is actually a birthplace of Peggy Bundy as her maiden name is Wanker. So all other Wankers come from Wanker County. They bought the land from the Indians. As well it is very interesting that Albert Einstein has allegedly said that for Wanker Country “Everything is relative”.

Married with Children wankers

From other interesting facts we can say that the old Indian name of Wanker County is “Obi luba possa wadamy”, which means “Land of the big, gassy Possum”.

king kong bundy

So Parents of Peggy Bundy are Ephraim Wanker and Peggy’s mother, and for some reason we do not know the name of her. Normally they live on the farm in Wanker County, north of Illinois. However everyone who lives in Wanker County can also be a member of the Wanker family if they wish. So they have a big happy family there.

king kong bundy peggy bundy

Occasionally we could see uncle and cousins in television show “Married with Children”, but unfortunately we do not have much information about them.

So for example season 2, episode 22 we can see a few members of Wanker family.


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