Try Not To Laugh Challenge with Al Bundy Vine Compilation

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This is so funny, that this we had to show you. Believe us that you will enjoy it, and you will have a good laugh while watching. Al Bundy is simply the best. These GIF’s images show various clips from the TV series Married with Children. We do not know which one is the best, because they are all really cool.

Let us know the impressions which GIF for you were the funniest. But in one thing we are sure that you will simply not be able to withstand not to laugh. But surely Al Bundy has made wonderful childhood for us. We all watched our favorite TV show every day, we even knew to watch several times a day the same episode. These were days, also we do not believe that today they could shoot such a TV series with this kind of humor. In any case enjoy it while you can.

Also you can see gallery with images of Pamela Anderson. She was several times in sitcom Married with Children as guest star.

Al Bundy is the best fictional character, do you agree ?


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