These Hidden Married With Children Facts Will Surprise You

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Married with Children is one of the greatest comedy TV shows of all time. Thanks to genius writing, but also the same time funny performance by actors from the TV show. So normally Al Bundy is one of most funniest characters from TV show including his wife Peggy and their kids Kelly and Bud. So today we are going to show you some interesting facts which you probably didn’t know. So what you can learn about Married with Children, And what was happening behind the scenes of MWC?

$ 1 Million per episode

al bundy money

We were also surprised by this fact, but obviously producing each episode cost a fortune. So cost production of each episode was around $1 Million.

The Original Bud & Kelly

Hunter Carson

We don’t know if you remember but first episode in tv show had a different actors for Kelly and Bud Bundy. So Tina Caspary was Kelly while Hunter Carson was Bud. Actor Ed O’Neill didn’t find connection with them, and because of that he asked for other actors.

Kramer Could Have Been Al Bundy

Kramer al bundy

We are 100% sure that you did not know that Al Bundy role could have Michael Richards. Who was glorified later with tv role Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. He is a great actor but he was not a good choice for the Married With Children.

Peggy Was Pregnant 3 Times

Peggy Was Pregnant 3 Times

Peggy Bundy tv role was played by Katey Sagal, and during tv show was pregnant three times. Also during first pregnancy she gave birth a little earlier about six weeks. As well it is is very interesting when Al Bundy had nightmare where Marcy and Peggy at the same time were pregnant.


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