These 5 things about Al Bundy and Married with Children you did not know

Katey Sagal

1. If you did not know actor Katey Sagal decided that her character as Peggy Bundy must have the 60’s style of dress. But also she wanted to have a huge wide belts, super hairstyles, and tight leggings were actually Peggy’s trademark in the sitcom.

Roger Moore

2. Also a very interesting fact is that the famous actor Roger Moore which is best known as James Bond 007. It has admitted that he is a huge fan of the Married with Children. But this is not all because the deceased series director Boris Sagal, who was also the father of the famous “Peggy” in real life, was very good friend to James Bond.

roger moore

Christina Applegate

3. Coincidence or not, you decide but Al Bundy daughter Kelly, was born on the same date which is November 25, 1971 like Christina Applegate the actress in real life.

Ed O’Neill

4. At the beginning of the show they were not convinced that Ed O’Neill would successfully embody Al Bundy role in sitcom. But when he came to audition, and when he gathered his shoulders. Then they were sure, so they realized that they had found the real person for Al.

al bundy at work

Psycho Dad

5. Al Bundy favorite TV show is actually “Psycho Dad”, while however his favorite song is “Gene Chandler – Duke Of Earl”. As well Ed O’Neill is the only actor from the Married with Children tv show who appeared in all 260 episodes including pilot episodes.

Psycho Dad al bundy

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