These 5 things about Al Bundy and “Married with Children” you did not know part 2

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We are confident that these facts you certainly did not know about “Married with Children”, so let’s move on.

1. During the filming of the series, members of their families often appeared as guests in the show. So we could see a couple of times Ed O’Neill’s wife, but also brother Katey Sagal brother which appeared also several times.

Ed ONeills wife

2. Otherwise, most people still believe that the Bundy family name was taken from Ted Bundy, but that’s not true. It was take from the professional wrestler King Kong Bundy. Which has also appeared twice in the series.

3. Although we probably will not find out the truth about the cancellation of the show, Ed O’Neill says that the series has been cancelled because of the too high price for television rights. He also states that other television company had to pay for one episode nearly a million dollars.

4. And as a last fact, it is also about the cancellation of the series. So when the “Married with Children” unfortunately was cancelled on May 7, 1997. The television house has published a sad news about the cancellation of the series. But for an unknown reason they did not tell the actors this sad new. So at that moment, Ed O’Neill was on vacation, and he heard the news from his neighbors.


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