The day Pamela Anderson seduced Al Bundy: Great moments of “Married with Children”

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The popular TV series “Married with Children” starring with the Bundy family must be one of the best comedies that came to break the stereotype of the perfect American family.

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In each episode the Bundy family managed to shake the American television thanks to its humor, and also the participation of some celebrities.

Such was the case with Pamela Anderson who had two brilliant appearances in the tv comedy. Also that to this day are remembered by the millions of fans of the series. She is also the former Playboy bunny, and lifeguard of “Baywatch” tv show.

At the beginning of the 90s just over three years after its premiere, Pamela Anderson echoed her growing fame as an advertising model for a Canadian beer. She participated in two episodes called “Al With Kelly” and “Route 666: Part 2”.

married with children Pamela Anderson

In both episodes it appears as part of a fantasy of Al Bundy. In the first episode appears as the fictional wife who disputes the love of the shoe salesman with Beckie Mullen in a sensual fight on the bed. While in the second episode leaves as part of another fantasy of the protagonist, but this time with five beautiful women on his favorite sofa.


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