The Conners: Katey Sagal Should Replace Roseanne

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A very popular series of 80’s and 90’s recently started re-showing, namely, a series called “The Conners”. The most important information however is that popular actress Katey Sagal, who is the most famous as Peggy Bundy from the “Married with Children” series, has appeared in one episode.

She is also in good relations with all the actors from the series, but especially with actor John Goodman. For now there is no information, but who knows maybe she will become a permanent actor of the series.

Katey Sagal john goodman

Because we see that the tv viewers were very positive for her role, and because she only played in one episode. We can freely say that this is great news, so for now we have to wait a little more, and see what will happen.

But what do you think about that? Would you like to see Katey Sagal in “The Conners” series?


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