Ted McGinley and his long-time marriage with actress Gigi Rice

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We can say that Ted McGinley is a very happy man who has got a TV role in one of the greatest tv shows “Married with Children”. This is also his greatest success so far in television business.

He was so cool with his humor but also with charm, so because of that everyone loved him in “Married with Children” tv show. However in his private life he has been living many years together with his wife Georgeanne Marie Rice, which is better known by name Gigi Rice. They married on June 21, 1991, and since then they live together. They have two sons which are called Quinn and Beau, and they are very happy together.

As well his wife Gigi is great actress with degree in musical theater and guest appearances on some great TV shows. For example she was in “CSI”, but she was also in tv series “The Closer”.

Today Ted McGinley still lives in the Golden State as always. He loves sports where he recently started to coach the baseball teams in which his two sons play. Apart from loving sport, he has been engaged in sports during his youth, specifically during high school he played water polo.


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