Psycho Dad and Al Bundy

You probably know, but if you do not know Al Bundy favorite tv show is “Psycho Dad”. So in this show the fictional character is wearing the same “psycho” suit for the last seven years. In every episode there is an average of 84 murders according to Marcy D’Arcy. She says that is far too much for television. As well, Psycho Dad accidentally shot President Lincoln in one of the episodes. It was pure accident, and he could not do anything about that.

Psycho Dad al bundy mwc

Because of all that, Marcy D’Arcy manages to stop filming the series. So Al and his friends are going to protest with requests for the reactivation of the show. After some time the leading actor from the “Psycho Dad” tv show is holding a press conference. He said that “Psycho Dad” tv series ends forever. Al and his friends can not believe what they heard, and because of that they went to Washington to ask the United States Senate for the reactivation of “Psycho Dad”. But unfortunately the Senate rejected their request.

Psycho Dad- An Al Bundy

As well Al Bundy and his NO MA’AM friends did not missed a single episode until Marcy D’Arcy and her group of women protest, and unfortunately the series ended.

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