Meghan and Harry welcomed the first royal baby

If you have not been reading us so far. Then we can tell you that Meghan Markle father Thomas Markle was a cameraman but also responsible for the lighting in the most popular tv series “Married with Children”.

Meghan and Harry welcomed the first royal baby

That’s the only reason why we are announcing a very good news from UK. Meghan and Harry announced last year that they expect a baby soon. So several months later she gave birth to a child on May 6, 2019 as was expected. But before she gave a birth to a baby there was a lot of misleading information. So a couple of days ago their neighbor saw a lot of cars, and because of that he was convinced that a baby was born at that time. But he was wrong because later the spokesman of the palace announced that the child was not born yet.

Meghan Markle face

As well the British much love the royal family, it is no wonder that now is huge increased the number of tourists in the UK just because of the birth of the royal baby.

We hope the child is healthy, and that he will remain so.

Meghan the first royal baby

During filming “Married with Children” tv show, she was visiting her father every day. These interesting details are recalled by a popular actor Ed O’Neill who also liked the fact that she was always a decent, and cultured girl. We are not really surprised by that, and with fact that she is now living in the royal family.

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