Married With Children Predicts Bruce Jenner Is A Woman In 1996!!

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Producers of the great TV series “Married With Children” have been predicted Bruce Jenner scene more than 20 years ago. Also if you dont know he is also a former Olympian with gold medal. As well at the same time family member of the world’s most famous family Kardashians.

This happend in the “Married With Children” episode called “Torch Song Duet” aired in 1996. So a man approached Marcy D’Arcy where he asked her if she was Bruce Jenner. He asked her because Marcy looks very similar to Bruce Jenner, she has a very similar hairstyle which Bruce Jenner was wearing at that time in 1996.

Married With Children Predicts Bruce Jenner

So many year later to be precise Bruce Jenner did what he announced some time before. He is very pleased with that move.

He also said: My brain is a lot more feminine than a man. He also states that he felt so, and that the only solution was to do that. Now he is happy although it is strange for some people. So he is now a woman, and he or she can do whatever wants.

Bruce Jenner woman

Also if you dont know Bruce Jenner is Olympic Gold medal winner, which he won many years ago at the 1976 Olympic Games.


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