Married with Children: other amazing stars then and now part one

Guest stars: Pamela Anderson, Matt LeBlanc, Milla Jovovich and Keri Russell

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With so much success, Pamela Anderson quickly moved to Hollywood. First she landed to the series “Married with Children”,  and later to “Listen, who’s hammering”. She had great success as a lifeguard in Baywatch on the side with David Hasselhoff. The TV series made Pamela Anderson known worldwide. For example in February 1990, she was “Playmate of the Month”, and this was the start of another record: six times between 1990 and 1994, she graced the cover of the most famous men’s magazine in the world.

Pamela Anderson chops Baywatch hair into pixie cut

As a friend of Kelly Bundy, Matt LeBlanc appeared in the sitcom Married with Children. He even made it as Vinnie Verducci of the spin-off “Top of the Heap”, and in turn from the resulting spin-off “Vinnie & Bobby”. None of the attempts, however, was crowned with particular success. So the actor was free when he was offered the role of Joey Tribbiani in Friends. In addition to the series the actor is currently also in front of the camera for his sitcom Man with a Plan.

Married with Children matt leblanc

Married with Children – Matt Leblanc as Vinnie Verducci

Married with Children matt leblanc cat

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson visited the series twice, once as Yvette and once as Cashew.

Do you remember the episode from the “Married with Children” in which “Resident Evil” star Milla Jovovich plays a French exchange student? But that was not enough, Jovovich also went to the same high school as her later co-star Christina Applegate. To supplement the family budget, the Bundys decide to accept an exchange student. Kelly looks forward to a “big sister”. On the first day of school Kelly gives the shy Yvette tips on how she can make friends. But soon, Yvette is the star of the school.

Milla Jovovich

For Milla Jovovich Married with Children was one of the first stages of her career. Eight years later she became an international star with movie “The Fifth Element”. Meanwhile, her biggest movie hit is the “Resident Evil” franchise.Milla Jovovich Married with Children

Keri Russell sees the light of day in California as the daughter of a housewife and the managing director of Nissan Motors. Due to her father’s profession, the family is forced to move often. Keri Lynn Russell grows up with her older brother, and younger sister in the Midwestern United States. She actually wants to become a dancer ,and takes ballet and jazz lessons. Thanks to her talent in dance, Keri Russell made her debut in the Disney Club in 1991 with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling. Already one year later she gets her first role as babysitter in the movie “Darling, now we have a giant baby”.

married with children - Keri Russell

Then the actress takes on guest roles in various series, including in Boy Meets World, and Married with Children.

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