Married with Children: Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy then and now

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Today we looked what the Married with Children stars of that time are doing today, and today we are going to see what Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy is doing.


Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Peggy Bundy is a lazy and shopping addicted women, who always wants to have sex with Al when he does not want to. This TV role made Katey Sagal a sitcom legend, which does not surprise us. The look with the huge red hair, the hot clothes, and the high heels is an absolute hit. She played not only 11 seasons of Peggy Bundy. But she has been seen since the end of the series in 1997 in many other TV roles.

For example we can see her as Flo Spinelli in Disney’s “Big Break”, or as Turanga Leela Leela in the animation series Futurama by Matt Groening. Also we can see her in TV series 8 Simple Rules, she played the family role of the Hennessys with the Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.

After brief stints with Boston Legal, The Shield, Eli Stone and Lost, she lands in 2008 as Gemma Teller Morrow, where she works with her third husband Kurt Sutter and spins wild intrigue on Sons of Anarchy.

In 2015 Katey Sagal follows her husband again for a new series, and acts as Annora of the Alders in The Bastard Executioner, but not with the same success.

Katey Sagal-Superior Donuts

In the short-lived TV comedy called A to Z, she takes over the narrative voice. But does not keep this job because of the lack of popularity of the TV series. In 2017 again she will take role on a new comedy called “Superior Donuts”.


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