Married with Children Facts – Michael Clarke Duncan as Bouncer

Michael Clarke Duncan is born in Chicago in 1957, he was raised by his mother including with his older sister when he was 6. Duncan promised to his mother that he will avoid trouble and gang crimes. After high school, Duncan first goes to the Kankakee Community College in Illinois, and then later goes to the Alcorn State University in Mississippi. However, unfortunately he stoped his studies to support his ailing mother. So he normally get a job as construction worker, while he later worked on the gas pump.

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Some time after Michael Clarke Duncan was one of the great discoveries as actor in year 1999. He was very successful in the movie “The Green Mile” alongside with Tom Hanks’s. This great movie instantly earned him a nomination for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, indeed a great acknowledgment.

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But before he became popular he was on more than 60 auditions, and he secured the tv role of a drill sergeant in a beer commercial. After that he was in several tv shows for example “Married with Children” where he had a role as bouncer. Besides that he was was spotted by F. Gary Gray for his directorial debut Friday with Ice Cube including Chris Tucker. But this is not all because in 1998, Michael Clarke Duncan had the audience’s sympathies as Bear alongside with Bruce Willis in Michael Bay’s blockbuster called “Armageddon”. He wes with Bruce Willis, Rosanna Arquette including Matthew Perry. Later Duncan played in Jonathan Lynn’s comedy movie called “No Half Things” in 2000.

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Unfortunately, he left us too soon because he suddenly died of respiratory failure. Michael Clarke Duncan left behind his mother, and his sister with his fiancée.

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