Married with Children Episode:Tooth or Consequences

So this Married with Children episode is called Tooth or Consequences, and it is fourth episode which comes from season 4. This episode was originally aired on October 1, 1989 on Fox TV. The story goes like this, Al Bundy has a toothache, and because of that he is forced to go to a dentist.

Episode-Tooth or Consequences

But there was no luck for Al because his dentist is currently divorcing, where dentist must give expensive cars to ex-wife. Therefore the dentist is not very happy about that.

Married with Children tooth or consequences

Al Bundy is like many other men, they all are afraid of the dentist. So one night once again at home Al Bundy could not sleep because of pain. His wife Peggy can not stand it anymore, so she gets an appointment with the dentist for Al. But the story not end here because during the treatment, the doctor receives a call from his ex-wife.

Doctor needs to deliver his Ferrari and his Corvette to ex-wife, but he does not want to do it. So he then leaves his anger on Al during treatment. The poor Al comes home with a bandaged jaw around head, and normally Peggy cooks today.

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