Married with Children – E.E. Bell as Bob Rooney

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We all like to remember the actor E. E. Bell which is one of the Hollywood faces that which you simply can not forget. He is born on December 27, 1955, where he at young age of 28 began with acting in Hollywood. So we can say that he began acting relatively early. Because of his appearance especially the face, he became a sought-after actor in Hollywood. So we could see him in many tv series and movies like Cheers, Cheers, murder is her hobby, and as well in Adam-12.

Streetz VS. Al Bundy

Unfortunately, he did not get a bigger tv role until 1993 where E.E. Bell got his most popular tv role as Bob Rooney in the TV series Married with Children. E.E. Bell was in only 23 episodes of MWC, and because of him character Bob Rooney became a legend worldwide. We say only because he was so great and funny in the show. So it’s a shame that he did not get more episodes. After completing the series, he had a couple of interesting television roles, among which the most interesting is certainly in the movie Air Force One where he played as reporter.

Bob Rooney

Later, in 2000 Bell was also active on the film scene. He was in popular series for example: JAG, The Young and the Restless, Without a Trace, Las Vegas, How I Met Your Mother, House, and many other movies like: Water for Elephants and The Heartbreak Kid.

Married with Children

We deeply hope that one day E.E. Bell will get a bigger TV role in a some series where he will be able to show his talent.


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