Married with Children: Amanda Bearse and her big secret

As you know Amanda Bearse was one of the well-known tv actors of the 80s and 90s. Through her starring role as Marcy Rhoades and later as Marcy D’Arcy in ‘Married with Children’. She became very popular around the world, as the sitcom was a huge success as you know. Even in the beginnings she attracted much press attention. But most important when Amanda Bearse publicly announced that she is a lesbian, this happend in 1993.

Amanda Bearse marcy

Because of that she was very popular at other comedians and artists like in the comedy called ‘Out There 2’, which was the first television sitcom on American televisions. What is most interesting that she was keeping her big secret secret for many years, and she was very successful in that. About her film career Amanda Bearse after ‘Married with Children’ did not have any film or series big tv role. But regardless of that she is a very successful woman. As well she also directed the series ‘Married with Children’ for a number of episodes.

Now today Amanda Bearse lives in sunny city Los Angeles with her partner, where they have two adopted daughters. However during her life she has lived in many different locations through United states of America. So she was in Florida, New York, but also in Atlanta.

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