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We believe that you have surely wondered many times before where the house in which Al Bundy lives is located. However, before answering your question, we want to point out that in many other television series, the location of the home is mostly fictional. While in this situation in the series “Married with Children” the depicted location of the Bundy family home really exists in reality. So at the very beginning of each episode we can see the house outside.

al bundy house

Based on that and other facts we have come up with the following information. So the Bundy residence is the location in the tv series of Married… with Children, but at the same time is the home of the Bundy family. The exact address of the house we could find in season 4, and the address is given as 9764 Jeopardy Lane, Chicago, Illinois. However the location of that actual house is at the next address: 641 Castlewood Lane in Deerfield, Illinois.

Bundy residence

But that’s not all because we still have a couple of interesting information about Al Bundy house. This information has not been confirmed but is very convincing, and is cited by a huge fan of the “Married with Children” series. Below you can see the floor plan of the house.


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