Katey Sagal television career

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Katey Sagal’s tv career goes several decades. The popular actress was a superstar not only as a legendary “Peggy Bundy” in the 90s. She also starred in the cult series “Sons of Anarchy” and “My Wild Daughters”.

Peggy Bundy

After discovering her during a tv show, she landed the role of “Peggy Bundy” in 1987 in “Married with Children”. Which is just one of Katey Sagal’s many television roles. She spent ten years in the great sitcom of the 90s until 1997.

Katey Sagal-married-with-children

After the end of the “Married with Children”, she was seen many times as a guest star in episodes of shows such as “The Wild Seventies”. Before she again hit a hit with “My Wild Daughters” in 2002. In 2008 with the role of “Gemma” in “Sons of Anarchy” again came in successful tv series. Where Katey Sagal earned a Golden Globe for work.

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With husband Kut Sutter, Katey Sagal has a child, a daughter which is delivered in 2007 by a surrogate mother. Katey Sagal has two more children from a previous marriage.


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