Katey Sagal: “Married with Children” is the longest-running sitcom

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Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Now after many years, Katey Sagal says that everybody always knew that the cult series “Married with Children” was misogynistic tv show. The female characters were mostly bumpy, but at the same time it was still funny.

But the most important thing to note is that the series was a comedy tv show, and they did not have bad intentions other than fun. Everybody knew that, and because of that we all love “Married with Children”.

Katey Sagal peggy bundy then and now

So this has happened two years ago when she was guest at AOL Webtalk show, in the same year when was the series’s 30th anniversary.

Married with Children is one of the biggest TV hits of the 90s

As well Katey Sagal said: “It was just my job, and it was fun”, so we can conclude from this that she did not mind her role as Peggy Bundy. But also in the very beginning of the series, she was skeptical, and she was not sure how the series would TV viewers react on sitcom.

However, the series has become a hit, where many years later everybody still loves the show.

The tv characters from the show Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud are legends for all time.


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