Great tv show “Married with Children” – This has become of Al Bundy & Co.

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Now for many many years, the sitcom “Married with Children” attracted viewers in front of the small tv screens. Father Al, mother Peggy and normally the kids Kelly and Bud inspired many people. They live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. As well more than 20 years ago, the last episode of the show was aired. Although it was long time ago. We still today recognize the Bundy family, and all the events from the series.

ed oneill al bundy

So the actor Ed O’Neill had the main tv as Al Bundy. He is the head of the Bundy family. Aslo after the end of the sitcom, he had a solid breakthrough until 2009 when he got a new starring role in the very successful sitcom called “Modern Family”. And again he plays the head of the family. He has been nominated now several times for the role of Jay Pritchett for an Emmy award. Besides that Ed O’Neill was also in animated films, for example “Finding Dory”.


Actor Katey Sagal had a tv role as Al Bundy’s wife Peggy. She as well is thinking of the role of the crude proletarian in some way. Later after the end of the show she took new tv role of in the sitcom “8 Simple Rules”. As well it is very interesting that she has in one episode met her former colleague Ed O’Neill, who has had a guest role in the tv series. But the series was unfortunately not long lasting. From 2008 to 2014 she was in the new series “Sons of Anarchy” where she won a Golden Globe for her role as Gemma Teller Morrow.


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