Go With Him – Great Moment with Al Bundy

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The most popular sitcom “Married With Children” from the late 80s and 90s is associated by almost everyone in the world. One of the most popular characters in the series sure is a dad named Al. Many funny moments are associate with him, it is indeed true TV legend.

So we can see in one “Married With Children” episode how Al heard the melody of the catchy song on the radio. But he does not know the name of the song. In the next days Al Bundy is trying to find a name of that song that he constantly is singing. But nobody could help him because he only knows the mysterious melody: “Hmm hmm him…”.

Again this mysterious melody: “Hmm hmm him …” is in his head.

al bundy Go With Him

Also again Al heard the song on the radio for the second time in past several days, but again radio manager did not said the song name.

Because of the melody he was no longer able to withstand. He could not even eat, although this did not happen often. So one day, Kelly’s boyfriend said that his father is an excellent expert on old songs, and maybe he can help him about that. However, he recommended a store where the seller knew all the old songs names.

al bundy Go With Him part

When Al Bundy came to the store, the salesman said that he had never heard the melody before, and again the Bundy did not have the luck.

al bundy Go With Him gif

Al was close to madness, but in the end he suddenly heard his song again,. This time was played by the music jukebox. It was a song by Arthur Alexander – Anna (Go to Him). So for $60 Al bought a vinyl record, and he listened that song all the time.


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