George Harrison was thrilled with Christina Applegate

At a time when the series Married with Children was filmed, honestly who was not crush on the actress Christina Applegate? She was really popular to many in the 90’s as Kelly Bundy or Pumpkin as her father Al called her.

The same situation is also with the famous ex-Beatles musician George Harrison. He was thrilled with actress Christina Applegate. He said several times that she is a very talented actress, and he believes that she will have many good roles in Hollywood in the future.

It is also interesting that George Harrison met Faustino on “Married with Children” set where he immediately became a huge fan of the show. As well at that moement he became also a big fan of Applegate. He was supposed in love with her, but there is no concrete evidence for it except the story.

Since he was much older than she was, it was somewhat embarrassing in some way for her. But in the end everything went well and everyone laughed.

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