Five Facts: Ed O’Neill almost landed in the NFL

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There is hardly anyone who does not know the grumpy shoe salesman Al Bundy. Since 2009, O’Neill is again on the TV screens as head of the family in the Comedy Modern Family.

Love and Marriage are two things that do not go together. The former high school football star and unfortunate salesman has spent over ten years helping his ungrateful wife, Peggy, and his two outrageous children, Bud and Kelly. For his role in Married with Children, he has been twice nominated for the Golden Globe.

Now you will find more facts about Ed O’Neill below.

Fact 1:

NFL-Team Pittsburgh Steelers Al Bundy

Like his alter ego Ed O’Neill played football in high school and he was also awarded with a scholarship for Ohio University. But since he rather celebrated parties and dedicated more to the sport than to learning. He had to change the university, then he played in the defense for Youngstown State University. In 1969, he even belonged to the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fact 2:


Before Ed O’Neill became an actor, he worked as an assistant at the restaurant, bartender and second-hand dealer. In 1970, he even taught social studies at high school. And for four years, like his father and grandfather, he worked as a steelworker.

Fact 3:

Al Bundy Brazilian Jiujitsu

Ed O’Neill has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 15 years. He learned martial arts from the descendants of the inventors Helio and Carlos Gracie. In December 2007, he received his black belt.

Fact 4:

al bundy family

In the picture you can see his two television families. In real life, Ed O’Neill has been married to actress and dancer Catherine Rusoff since 1986. The couple split up in 1989 but reunited in 1993. The two have two daughters.

Fact 5:

Ed ONeill Boone

Ed O’Neill has created his own sandwich at the well-known Seport Deli in Setauket, New York, the “Boone”.


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