Evelyn Lozada as Peggy Bundy from MWC

From recently we can see how people organize themed parties, especially on thematics of the 90s. So recently the known star Evelyn Lozada organized a theme party about series: Married … with Children. As far as we can see, it was very successful, especially with regard to costumes, because she was dressed as Peggy Bundy.

Evelyn Lozada as Peggy Bundy one

We have to admit that she looks nice, and at the same time she is very faithful as the Peggy Bundy aka Katey Sagal from MWC. We also have to admit that she really did great job with clothing. What is your opinion about that?

Otherwise, if you do not know who Peggy Bundy is, she comes from the tv show Married … with Children, which was shown for 10 years from 1987 to 1997. And for the time being, it was a very popular series of 90s, if not the best comedy tv series ever.

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