Ed O’Neill – more than Al Bundy

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Beginnings at “Miami Vice”

With “Miami Vice”, O’Neill had one of his first major appearances, in the second episode called “Heart of Darkness”, which aired in 1984 for the first time. O’Neill is seen as an undercover cop who gets caught up in the crime.

Miami Vice

That he came out big with “Married with Children”, he has to thank mainly enemies of the series. There were letter campaigns, and boycott calls, people complained about the content and hostility of the show. This got so much attention that eventually it became a real success.

married with children

Al Bundy makes him rich

To get the role of Al Bundy, Ed O’Neill did not have to do much. During the audition he needed walk through the door of the Bundy House. Before he came in, he allegedly just shrugged his shoulders, and sighed dejectedly.

Gallery below.

As a women’s shoe salesman Ed O’Neill then earned good money. At the end of the tv series “Married with Children”, according to US media reports, he has received more than $500,000 per episode. At this time he was one of the highest paid tv series stars.

al bundy womens shoes

When it comes to life, Ed O’Neill also has plenty of experience. Since 1986, he is married to actress Catherine Rusoff, who also appeared in two episodes of “Married with Children”.


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