Ed O’Neill is going shirtless for bicycle ride to the beach with speed of only 50 mph

Everyone knows very well that Ed O’Neill does not care what others think of him. So as you know he is most popular for tv roles of “Modern Family” and of course “Married with Children“.

So some time before the “Al Bundy” actor was riding a bicycle completely shirtless through Santa Monica on a nice sunny day. Although everyone could see his tummy, where from what we could see he hardly bothers about that. Also according to some information that unfortunately can not be confirmed, he drove the bicycle very quickly at least with speed of 50 mph. He was driving so fast that people could hardly see him.


What we have seen that day, it only confirms that he finally started to eat because his previous television wife Peggy was not cooking for him. Besides that he is in good shape for his age. It can be seen that he just enjoyed driving, he was completely relaxed, and he had been laughing for a couple of times for the camera. Indeed he is a good person who did a better world for all. We hope we will see him again on the bicycle, and that he can enjoy nice weather in Santa Monica.


Could you ride a bicycle so fast as Ed O’Neill?

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