Ed O’Neill – I like Plum Brandy and Cro Cop

American actor Ed O’Neill is globally famous for the role of Al Bundy in the “Married with Children” series. He discovered that he was never in Croatia, but that he was well acquainted with the beauty of it. He also said: “I’ve never been in Croatia, and I have always wanted to visit it. I often read the tourist magazines, and I have seen many times how Croatia is beautiful country. We talked with him in a cafe in Santa Monica on a morning coffee, where we learned all the interesting things from Ed O’Neill. He has been married for 24 years with actress Catherine Rusoff, they have two daughters. While he is relaxing he is reading books, and he is keeping condition with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where he has a black belt, so be careful with Al Bundy.

The biggest difference between him and Bundy is that he truly loves his job.

“I grew up in the small town called Youngstown in East America, where most of the people including many Croats worked in steelworks. Although they were mostly the second generation of Croats in America, they often talked about their homeland.”

Although as he argues, there were plenty of good meals in the Croatian restaurant, Ed O’Neill admitted he enjoyed the most in lamb. “Every Saturday, roast lamb was prepared, and guests would already have an alcoholic drink at the entrance, which looked like a whiskey,” he said. In addition to lamb and plum brandy, Ed O’Neill discovered also that he loves Cro Cop, Mirko Filipovic, and that he appreciates it very much.


Also, Ed spoke about Al Bundy’s role and admitted he did not even dream of playing it for 11 years. “The script was very fun and far different from what I’ve been up to lately, but I did not believe it would please the TV viewers. I thought we were going to record only five or six episodes, and then quit it. Which would suit me because I would have been paid for the whole season. I did not even dream that Al Bundy would became a legend, “admits the legendary actor.

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