Ed O’Neill did not recognize Britney Spears

They are both stars, and they have millions of fans around the world, but for some reason Ed O’Neill difficult recognize other celebrities. The same situation happened with the famous singer Britney Spears. So when they met for the first time he did not know who she was. Also she wanted to take a photo with him. So this situation he has revealed in the talk show by Ellen DeGeneres, it was very funny to hear that. He met her at the airport in Los Angeles where they taken a photo together.

Ed ONeill Admits He Had No Idea Who Britney Spears

Ed O’Neill said: “I had no idea who is she”.

But O’Neill also said: “She was a very nice person”.

So Britney Spears came close to him, and she said that she loves very much the “Modern Family” tv show. Since she was polite, and she asked me to take a photo together, i normally agreed.


But this is not all because just one day later, Britney Spears manager published photo on Twitter. After that this tweet received many likes.

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