Ed O’Neill & Christopher Lloyd Launch Spy Podcast Series ‘The Undercovers’

Great news people, Married with Children star Ed O’Neill with Christopher Lloyd have a new project for television. We are talking about tv show The Undercovers.

We can all agree when we say that the Ed O’Neill and Christopher Lloyd are most significant people in Hollywood. They are very creative when we come to television.

So what is about this new tv show? From what we can see it will be about undercover agent, and this show will have mostly parts of drama. The Undercovers is produced for Digital Audio Exchange, which is the digital audio advertising platform.

So in the first season Ed O’Neill will tell the real story about undercover agent Follis which is a DEA Special Agent and former USMC investigator. You will able to see what was he doing, what he needs to do, and normally it tells the tale of Follis in the Golden Triangle. Which is the biggest opium trafficking enterprise.

Complete story is based on true stories, so we believe it will be very interesting. And from latest info, at this moment it is set to launch on October 8 this year.

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