Did You Know That Cosmo Kramer Could Have Been Al Bundy

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As we have already said, there will be many interesting facts about Married with Children TV show. So some stories says that another 90s TV star could have played Al Bundy role. So who it could be?

The answer is very simple because it was Michael Richards who could have been a Women’s shoe salesman. In our opinion, he does not fit Al Bundy role in Married with Children TV show. He is simply not the type of man who could represent Women’s shoe salesman. So the story goes like this, Michael Richards has applied for the show for Al Bundy role in 1986. After consideration Casting director Marc Hirschfeld has decided that Richards is not right person for Al Bundy, and indeed he did not make a mistake. Although he is a very good actor especially in comedies where he become most popular in tv show Seinfeld. We believe that we can all agree that everything went great with the selection of Ed O’Neill for this role.

What is your opinion on this matter, would you prefer more Michael Richards or Ed O’Neill for Al Bundy role? We know, definitely Ed O’Neill.

Cosmo Kramer Could Have Been Al Bundy


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