David Faustino: The unknown highlights of his career

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Learn more about series star David Faustino

David Faustino’s television career began very early when he was young, his first tv appearance has occurred on television with the award-winning comedy tv show called “The Lily Tomlin Special”. Since his birth he lives in Los Angeles with parents Roger and Kay, and with younger brother Michael. Howewer his older stepbrother Jeff also works as an actor. So the whole family in the same movie business.

So David Faustino began acting career when he was six years old, since then he has a several guest television appearances in popular sitcoms such as “Family Ties”, and for example “The Love Boat”.

david faustino Family Ties

But certainly the most famous tv role he had in a tv series we all love is “Married with Children” as Bud Bundy. The series was on tv for 10 years, it was amazing.

But besides acting, tv star David was also working in some advertising campaigns for some huge companies in business world. in 2007, David Faustino was working on tv series called Star-ving, which is actually a internet series. But the series did not last long, and was canceled because of bad ratings.

Unfortunately, until today, he did not get a remarkable TV role in a series or movie, but we hope that will happen soon because he is a very good actor.


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