David Faustino – Al Bundys son Bud has a brother

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If we go back to the past then we can see that since his guest role in tv series called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, actor David Faustino has been friends with the Corin Nemec. Some time after they have together created the online tv series called ‘Star-ving’ in the year 2009. But unfortunately the series never came to life. After that he had several guest appearances, but nothing major. So we could say that he was in series where he had guest tv appearances, such as in “Winx Club: Enchantix”, “Dragons: Riders of Berk”, “The Legend of Korra”, and for example “Bones”. For now nothing serious and constant in some tv show.

Michael Faustino

It is also very interesting that he was a temporarily member of a music rock band in the early 90s. They were most popular with the album “Balistyx” including single ‘I Told Ya’.

As for the family, he has a brother Michael Faustino which is also an actor. His brother was in several movies: “Suburban Commando”, “Fatal Friendship”, but he was also several times guest star in “Married with Children”.

Michael Faustino mwc

According to VH1 list: Entertainment 100 Greatest Kid Stars, David Faustino is ranked 48th.

Besides acting he also for some time had the restaurant “The Central” in Los Angeles.

Once upon a time, he wanted to see if anyone would recognize him, so he went to the mall. He walked there, but no one recognized him. It was not difficult for him, in fact he says: it is an advantage for to walk freely.


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