Comedian Tim Conway dies at age 85

Comedian Tim Conway has unfortunately died at age 85. According to media, Conway’s spokesman Howard Bragman said: the Tim Conway died Tuesday morning in Los Angeles after a previous, serious illness. He was 85 years old.

Tim Conway died

He is indeed a special man, given that he made the audience laugh.

Tim Conway became known in the 60s and 70s including Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett on the TV show “The Carol Burnett Show”. In the beginning of tv show he appeared only as a guest star in the sketch comedy show. But in 1975 he received major role in comedy show. So if you do not know “The Carol Burnett Show” ran from 1967 to 1978, but this is not a surprise for us.

He is also know as Peggy Bundy’s father Ephraim Wanker from Married with Children television show.

Peggy is a born as Wanker and, like her entire family comes from Wanker County. The Wankers are not smart people, and they do stupid things.

He has been married since 1984, and he has seven children with his wife Charlene.

Tim Conway married with children one

It really is a pity that he died because he was a real comedian, and everyone liked his humor. You could really laugh with him, so you were most likely to see him only in comedies.

What you most remember about him?

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