Chi McBride was also guest star in Married with Children

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You would not believe us, but Chi McBride was one time in sitcom Married with Children. He was in one episode called “Nooner or Nothing”, and he was shoe salesman with name Dexter.

Chi McBride married with children

So Chi McBride decided for Hollywood relatively late, because he was already in the thirties. Before acting career he worked for an American telephone company, but he also sang in a gospel choir at that time. Later he joined a music band in the begin of the 90s where they have released an album in 1991. By all means this was not enough for him, so he moved from Chicago to L.A. with hope for a television career.

Chi McBride married with children dexter

So when he started his Hollywood carrier he has received a few smaller guest appearances for example on sitcom The Prince of Bel Air. But after some time television became too small for him. He wanted larger Hollywood projects. Hence he is best known for tv role in the movie with Nicolas Cage called “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

For sure he has a successful career, but for some reason he returned to the small screen where we could see him in several tv series. So we could see him in the successful tv series “House M.D.”. Where from 2007 to 2009, he had a smaller tv role as Edward Vogler in this tv series.


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