Katey Sagal television career

Katey Sagal’s tv career goes several decades. The popular actress was a superstar not only as a legendary “Peggy Bundy” in the 90s. She also starred in the cult series “Sons of Anarchy” and “My Wild Daughters”.

Peggy Bundy

After discovering her during a tv show, she landed the role of “Peggy Bundy” in 1987 in “Married with Children”. Which is just one of Katey Sagal’s many television roles. She spent ten years in the great sitcom of the 90s until 1997.

Katey Sagal-married-with-children

After the end of the “Married with Children”, she was seen many times as a guest star in episodes of shows such as “The Wild Seventies”. Before she again hit a hit with “My Wild Daughters” in 2002. In 2008 with the role of “Gemma” in “Sons of Anarchy” again came in successful tv series. Where Katey Sagal earned a Golden Globe for work.

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With husband Kut Sutter, Katey Sagal has a child, a daughter which is delivered in 2007 by a surrogate mother. Katey Sagal has two more children from a previous marriage.

Sofia Vergara as Peggy Bundy

In “Modern Family” Sofia Vergara plays the wife of Ed O’Neill. As she has now proven she can also slip into the role of his wife from “Married with Children”. Does not she look great as Peggy Bundy? What do you think, which wife do you love more Sofia Vergara or Peggy Bundy? Or maybe you equally like them.

Sofia Vergara Dressed Up Like Peg Bundy

In “Modern Family” Sofia Vergara plays the much younger wife of Ed O’Neill. But apparently she wishes she had already met her serial husband in his time as Al Bundy. Anyway, she makes the Peggy for him now. On Instagram, she now turned out to be iconic Peggy with a red-haired wig. Apparently, she wanted to take their “Modern Family” co-star Ed O’Neill, formerly known performer of the cult figure Al Bundy, a little bit on the grain.

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Married with Children: Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy then and now

Today we looked what the Married with Children stars of that time are doing today, and today we are going to see what Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy is doing.


Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Peggy Bundy is a lazy and shopping addicted women, who always wants to have sex with Al when he does not want to. This TV role made Katey Sagal a sitcom legend, which does not surprise us. The look with the huge red hair, the hot clothes, and the high heels is an absolute hit. She played not only 11 seasons of Peggy Bundy. But she has been seen since the end of the series in 1997 in many other TV roles.

For example we can see her as Flo Spinelli in Disney’s “Big Break”, or as Turanga Leela Leela in the animation series Futurama by Matt Groening. Also we can see her in TV series 8 Simple Rules, she played the family role of the Hennessys with the Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.

After brief stints with Boston Legal, The Shield, Eli Stone and Lost, she lands in 2008 as Gemma Teller Morrow, where she works with her third husband Kurt Sutter and spins wild intrigue on Sons of Anarchy.

In 2015 Katey Sagal follows her husband again for a new series, and acts as Annora of the Alders in The Bastard Executioner, but not with the same success.

Katey Sagal-Superior Donuts

In the short-lived TV comedy called A to Z, she takes over the narrative voice. But does not keep this job because of the lack of popularity of the TV series. In 2017 again she will take role on a new comedy called “Superior Donuts”.

This is how today Peggy looks like from Married with Children

Katey Sagal is well-known for redhead Peggy Bundy role of the humorous TV series ‘Married with Children’. She is a housewife but she is described as notorious for her laziness. Also once she was described as “the laziest bitch in Chicago“, then you can really understand what kind a housewife she was. Since the cult TV sitcom has been filmed, it’s been 20 years since. But for unknown reason today Katey Sagal likes more the role from series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ where her third husband is the author.

Katey Sagal

The cult family Bundy has created an army of fans around the world, even though it is miles away from the ideal television families that ruled small screens to their arrival. With its eccentric humor this series conjured up a grotesque caricature of the life of a middle-class American family. The role of Peggy Bundy was originally intended for Roseanne Barr. Katey Sagal’s clothes she wore in the series as a helpless housewife Peggy brought her out of her closet as she thought her character should be dressed like a ‘former waitress’. It was the same with the soaked wig that we remember. Although Peggy was not particularly educated and he always complained that her husband did not like her because she did not have sex life, her role was marked by her life.

Roseanne Barr - peggy bundy

Catherine Louise Sagal was born in Hollywood in 1954, and she started playing with only five years. She graduated from the prestigious California Institute of Art, and originated from the real showbiz family. Father Boris, a Russian Jew who emigrated to the United States, was the director. In some of his career he was acting, and while he was recording the movie ‘Girl Happy’, in 1965 Katey met Elvis Presley, who acted in it.

Mother Sarah was a productor, and Katey had brother Joey and two younger twin sisters Liz and Jean Sagal, who also acted as actors. Her sisters starred in the television series ‘Double Trouble’. Her mother died of a heart attack when the actress was 21, after which she took care of twins, and her father died in 1981 on a set of ‘Third World War’ film. The death of her parents completely broke her, so Katey began to be drugged and alcoholic, but in 1986 she applied for treatment of addiction and she was completely discharged.

Married with Children

With Kurt Sutter, the author of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, was married in 2004 at an intimate ceremony in their Los Angeles home. The role of Gemme Teller is just written for her. The couple has daughter Esmé Louise who was born surogat mother because Katey’s complications during her previous pregnancy could no longer stay in her condition.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge with Al Bundy Vine Compilation

This is so funny, that this we had to show you. Believe us that you will enjoy it, and you will have a good laugh while watching. Al Bundy is simply the best. These GIF’s images show various clips from the TV series Married with Children. We do not know which one is the best, because they are all really cool.

Let us know the impressions which GIF for you were the funniest. But in one thing we are sure that you will simply not be able to withstand not to laugh. But surely Al Bundy has made wonderful childhood for us. We all watched our favorite TV show every day, we even knew to watch several times a day the same episode. These were days, also we do not believe that today they could shoot such a TV series with this kind of humor. In any case enjoy it while you can.

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Al Bundy is the best fictional character, do you agree ?