Katey Sagal talks about “Married with Children”

Katey Sagal became a world star with the “Married with Children” show, and yet Katey Sagal barely leaves a good hair in an interview on show.

Now, she also confirms what everybody has always known: The sitcom “Married with Children” was misogynistic television show. The female characters are mostly stupid, and still it was funny. To celebrate 30th anniversary of the show, the actress said in an interview with the AOL web talk show “Build Series”: “It was a very misogynist tv show. Women actress were totally exploited”.

Normally, they do not like it when womens are shown in that way. But playing Peggy Bundy had nothing to do with her attitude in that subject at all. “It was only my television job,” said Katey Sagal. But, she found the approach of the show. So she said also: “We were like the black sheep in the TV show business.

Nevertheless, the tv series “Married with Children” developed into one of the greatest TV successes of the 1990s but of the 1980s also. In 1997 after 259 episodes the show ended. But still today we remember Al Bundy, Peggy, and also Kelly and Bud Bundy.

What do you think about Katey Sagal opinion?

Great tv show “Married with Children” – This has become of Al Bundy & Co.

Now for many many years, the sitcom “Married with Children” attracted viewers in front of the small tv screens. Father Al, mother Peggy and normally the kids Kelly and Bud inspired many people. They live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. As well more than 20 years ago, the last episode of the show was aired. Although it was long time ago. We still today recognize the Bundy family, and all the events from the series.

ed oneill al bundy

So the actor Ed O’Neill had the main tv as Al Bundy. He is the head of the Bundy family. Aslo after the end of the sitcom, he had a solid breakthrough until 2009 when he got a new starring role in the very successful sitcom called “Modern Family”. And again he plays the head of the family. He has been nominated now several times for the role of Jay Pritchett for an Emmy award. Besides that Ed O’Neill was also in animated films, for example “Finding Dory”.


Actor Katey Sagal had a tv role as Al Bundy’s wife Peggy. She as well is thinking of the role of the crude proletarian in some way. Later after the end of the show she took new tv role of in the sitcom “8 Simple Rules”. As well it is very interesting that she has in one episode met her former colleague Ed O’Neill, who has had a guest role in the tv series. But the series was unfortunately not long lasting. From 2008 to 2014 she was in the new series “Sons of Anarchy” where she won a Golden Globe for her role as Gemma Teller Morrow.

Married With Children Season 1 – Episode 1 Guide

So the main actors in the series of the “Married With Children” show in the first season in 1987 are Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate, and David Faustino. But there are also Amanda Bearse and David Garrison.
So you can see that at the beginning of the series we meet actors. So in this way we can see who will be all in the sitcom.

Married With Children Season 1

And story begins, in this episode we can see how the Bundys make friends with their new neighbors Steve and Marcy. Although Al Bundy is not happy about that, so in the further course we can see a discussion between Al and Peggy about their neighbors.

Married With Children - Episode 1

Because Al came from work and he would love to go to the Chicago Bulls game later. He also has free tickets for the game, but unfortunately his wife Peggy has other plans for him. Peggy wants Al to stay home with her to meet their new neighbors Marcy and Steve. Later when the new neighbors came to their house Al and Steve decide to watch an erotic show on tv. Which made their wifes angry. During that time thier wifes wonder if they are still attractive to their husbands. Also throughout the episode 1 we can see several funny conversations between Al and Peggy, but also between their neighbors Steve anb Marcy.

Wanker County – a place where Peggy Bundy and other Wankers live

If you don’t know Wanker County is located in Wisconsin, north of Illinois. It is actually a birthplace of Peggy Bundy as her maiden name is Wanker. So all other Wankers come from Wanker County. They bought the land from the Indians. As well it is very interesting that Albert Einstein has allegedly said that for Wanker Country “Everything is relative”.

Married with Children wankers

From other interesting facts we can say that the old Indian name of Wanker County is “Obi luba possa wadamy”, which means “Land of the big, gassy Possum”.

king kong bundy

So Parents of Peggy Bundy are Ephraim Wanker and Peggy’s mother, and for some reason we do not know the name of her. Normally they live on the farm in Wanker County, north of Illinois. However everyone who lives in Wanker County can also be a member of the Wanker family if they wish. So they have a big happy family there.

king kong bundy peggy bundy

Occasionally we could see uncle and cousins in television show “Married with Children”, but unfortunately we do not have much information about them.

So for example season 2, episode 22 we can see a few members of Wanker family.

Katey Sagal: “Married with Children” is the longest-running sitcom

Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Now after many years, Katey Sagal says that everybody always knew that the cult series “Married with Children” was misogynistic tv show. The female characters were mostly bumpy, but at the same time it was still funny.

But the most important thing to note is that the series was a comedy tv show, and they did not have bad intentions other than fun. Everybody knew that, and because of that we all love “Married with Children”.

Katey Sagal peggy bundy then and now

So this has happened two years ago when she was guest at AOL Webtalk show, in the same year when was the series’s 30th anniversary.

Married with Children is one of the biggest TV hits of the 90s

As well Katey Sagal said: “It was just my job, and it was fun”, so we can conclude from this that she did not mind her role as Peggy Bundy. But also in the very beginning of the series, she was skeptical, and she was not sure how the series would TV viewers react on sitcom.

However, the series has become a hit, where many years later everybody still loves the show.

The tv characters from the show Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud are legends for all time.