It’s over now, the first contract has finally fallen of the 2019 Draft. So the lucky guy is Kyler Murray which is now officially under rookie contract. So if you do not know he recently has signed his rookie contract with the Arizona Cardinals, it was amazing. So Kyler Murray rookie contract runs for four years with one possibility, which is a new fifth year contract of course if he wants it.

As well according by the US broadcaster from NBC, Kyler Murray does not have to worry about his salary because it is guaranteed by contract. It is also interesting that he has in the past during his college years been thinking about baseball. So it happened that in 2018 MLB Draft, he was selected by the Oakland Athletics, where they agreed a $4.6 million contract. But in the end he changed his mind and chose to join the NFL.

Kyler Murray nfl

The quarterback Kyler Murray will earn a lot of money for playing in NFL. For example his contract will bring to him almost $36 million for the first four years of the contract. And as we said before the salary is 100% guaranteed by contract. From contract we can see that $24 million is the bonus that quarterback receives every month thanks to contract.

As well about the Arizona Cardinals, this is actually the second first round rookie contract given to a quarterback player.