Married with Children – E.E. Bell as Bob Rooney

We all like to remember the actor E. E. Bell which is one of the Hollywood faces that which you simply can not forget. He is born on December 27, 1955, where he at young age of 28 began with acting in Hollywood. So we can say that he began acting relatively early. Because of his appearance especially the face, he became a sought-after actor in Hollywood. So we could see him in many tv series and movies like Cheers, Cheers, murder is her hobby, and as well in Adam-12.

Streetz VS. Al Bundy

Unfortunately, he did not get a bigger tv role until 1993 where E.E. Bell got his most popular tv role as Bob Rooney in the TV series Married with Children. E.E. Bell was in only 23 episodes of MWC, and because of him character Bob Rooney became a legend worldwide. We say only because he was so great and funny in the show. So it’s a shame that he did not get more episodes. After completing the series, he had a couple of interesting television roles, among which the most interesting is certainly in the movie Air Force One where he played as reporter.

Bob Rooney

Later, in 2000 Bell was also active on the film scene. He was in popular series for example: JAG, The Young and the Restless, Without a Trace, Las Vegas, How I Met Your Mother, House, and many other movies like: Water for Elephants and The Heartbreak Kid.

Married with Children

We deeply hope that one day E.E. Bell will get a bigger TV role in a some series where he will be able to show his talent.

Kyler Murray signs $36 million rookie contract with the Arizona Cardinals

It’s over now, the first contract has finally fallen of the 2019 Draft. So the lucky guy is Kyler Murray which is now officially under rookie contract. So if you do not know he recently has signed his rookie contract with the Arizona Cardinals, it was amazing. So Kyler Murray rookie contract runs for four years with one possibility, which is a new fifth year contract of course if he wants it.

As well according by the US broadcaster from NBC, Kyler Murray does not have to worry about his salary because it is guaranteed by contract. It is also interesting that he has in the past during his college years been thinking about baseball. So it happened that in 2018 MLB Draft, he was selected by the Oakland Athletics, where they agreed a $4.6 million contract. But in the end he changed his mind and chose to join the NFL.

Kyler Murray nfl

The quarterback Kyler Murray will earn a lot of money for playing in NFL. For example his contract will bring to him almost $36 million for the first four years of the contract. And as we said before the salary is 100% guaranteed by contract. From contract we can see that $24 million is the bonus that quarterback receives every month thanks to contract.

As well about the Arizona Cardinals, this is actually the second first round rookie contract given to a quarterback player.

Get Fired with Nashville hot chicken which is taking over Los Angeles

We all love good food especially we love to eat pickles. However, for Kim Prince pickles are not something unknown. She sleeps with pickles, the pickles are all around her. Also while she was young, and while her mom was not watching, she was eating a lot of pie every day.

At the end of the day she would fall asleep from eating a lot, and while sleeping she would breathe smell of the frying chicken.

Kim Prince of Hotville Chicken

Kim Prince is otherwise if you did not know a niece of Andrea Prince Jeffries, which is a owner of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shacks located in Nashville. As well as the name of the restaurant, all their dishes are very hot which are prepared in a variety of ways. Even in the form of a drink you have hot shake, but this drink is only for the bravest.

What’s most important to note is that you choose the level of heat of their famous super hot chicken. The dish is served in pieces with bread, of course there is bread to help prevent heating. As well you will also get several pickles. This dish has been serving for years, and the restaurant Prince’s Hot Chicken Shacks is well-known for this meal in the world.

So it is no surprise to us that Los Angeles has become the center of Nashville hot chickens. People simply love to eat hot chickens, so because of increased demand for this dish they have opened dozen restaurants for hot chicken. Of course if you love to eat hot food, then you will be happy because they have now also Nashville hot shrimp which are very tasty.

A tray of hot chicken tenders at Hotties Nashville Hot Chicke

Although they have a lot of customers, and most of them are very satisfied with their food. They are still struggling to survive, because of course the competition is strong. Hence they hope that their hot business will soon become stable. Hot chickens pray for it.

Kim Prince sees hot chickens as a real small evolution of good food, because everyone who has eaten this dish also have come back again for more hot chickens.

Katey Sagal appeared in ‘Shameless’ with Amazing role

Until now if you have not watched the series ‘Shameless’, then you could not even know that actress Katey Sagal has appeared in seven episodes of humorous series. Therefore she presents a role character with name Ingrid, she had urgently go to the Chicago hospital, where later she met Frank Gallagher.

So in the first episode where she appeared for a short time about two minutes we could not learn more about her charater. So after the end of that episode the viewers did not know what to expect later. She also did not have the opportunity to tell what we can expect later in the TV series “Shameless”.
Katey Sagal Shameless

It is also very interesting that this is not the first role she plays where the main place of the sitcom is Chicago. We can easily remember the series “Married with Children”, in which she became most popular as Peggy Bundy.

Katey Sagal says: “this is actually a great coincidence”, while she was born in California. Later she also stated that she was actually surprised when she found out that the series “Superior Donuts” was canceled. Because she believed the series was stable and would go further.

Katey Sagal Shameless photo

Of course they wanted to know what she thinks about “Married… With Children” reboot. She replied that this question is asked every year, but there is no concrete answer to that question at all at this moment. Although it might be interesting to make “Married… With Children” reboot.

Actor Ed O’Neill Buys Beautiful Home For Only $6.25 Million in Hawaii

If you did not know the series “Modern Family” will end a bit earlier than anticipated somewhere in 2020. So it can be assumed that the famous actor Ed O’Neill bought a house in Hawaii because of that. It is obvious that he wants to rest from anything, and it is not strange since he is old also. He is not young Al Bundy like 30 years ago.

So he bought a beautiful house in Hawaii for only $6.25 Million, the house is located in Kailua-Kona. The house is big 4,200-square-foot, and from what we can see it has four bedrooms, four baths with beautiful open floor which is amazing. The house has a very nice design, while one part of the house is decorated in African style.

But as we have said a while ago, most of the house has a large opening. It does not surprise us because in Hawaii is great weather. Also close to its home, there are golf courses, a swimming pool, and of course barbecue area. Mostly what we have seen, we can tell you that the location of the home is excellent.

Therefore we can say that the women’s shoes salesman managed to hide money from his wife Peggy.

al bundy womens shoes

We sincerely hope that Ed O’Neill will be able to rest, but at the same time have fun in Hawaii.